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We design a custom made cleaning list for every house because your needs, preferences and house is different from others. This is a GENERAL cleaning list. These tasks are included in EVERY visit:


  • Clean & sanitize:
  • Counters and sinks
  • Shower and tub
  • Toilet (inside and outside all over)
  • Floor
  • Clean glass shower door
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Polish chrome
  • Clean and shine mirrors
  • Dust cabinets exteriors
  • Dust baseboards
  • Empty trash



    • Dust ceiling fans
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Clean light fixtures
    • Dust windowsills and window frames
    • Dust window blinds
    • Dust shutters
    • Dust table and chairs   
    • Windex all glass tables
    • Clean mantle and floor of fireplace
    • Dust air vents
    • Dust baseboards
    • Wipe Doors
    • Dust pictures in walls
    • Clean light switch plates
    • Clean ash trays
    • Collect all trash, replace bags
    • Clean top and front of wash and dryer machines
    • Vacuum stairs, dust wood edges and rods
    • Sweep and mop floors
    • Vacuum and clean wood floors
    • Vacuum rugs and carpets

    Our Detailed Cleaning List




    • Clean all countertops
    • Clean sink and faucet
    • Clean all small appliances
    • Clean microwave interior and exterior
    • Wipe top and exterior of refrigerator
    • Clean front of dishwasher and ovens
    • Dust cabinet exteriors
    • Clean stove with adequate cleaner
    • Empty trash can and replace bag
    • Vacuum rugs
    • Clean floors. Pay extra attention to corners
    • Windex Patio door

    Our Detailed Cleaning List

    For more details please
    Contact us:


    Phone: 469-879-6882

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